We're Interested in Willa Ford

If you only know Willa Ford as Mrs. Mike Modano, you're missing some key parts of her story.

Ford is the anti-Jessica Simpson, knowing from moment one in her singing career that the squeaky-clean "Mandah" then label MCA wanted her to perform as wasn't who she needed to be. "I Wanna Be Bad" broke into the Billboard charts in 2001 and showcased the fact that Ford wouldn't play by anyone's rules but her own. Though the music career stalled, her television appearances and modeling gigs -- including a Playboy spread in 2006 -- have kept her in the spotlight.

Unlike Simpson, though, Ford's star seems to be rising. Modano and Ford have reportedly been in talks with the E! Network for their own reality show. Ford's movie career has included a incredibly memorable death scene for the recent Friday the 13th remake (rent it, it's worth it for her scenes alone), and the upcoming release of "The Anna Nicole Smith Story," where Ford will be playing the late Smith. Whatever her next role is, it's certain to be dynamic and, yeah, a little "bad."

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