We're Interested in Tony Romo

While he was an All-State football and basketball player, this Wisconsin kid was never an obvious quarterback for "America's Team."  In fact, Romo fans can thank Quincy Carter's drug use and eventual dismissal from the Dallas Cowboys organization for Tony's chance to stay with the team. Just before Carter was cut, the Cowboys were too heavy in the QB section and needed to let let someone go. Tony - a fourth string practice player at the time - would have been the likely choice. But since Carter was dismissed, Tony got to stay. Thanks, Quincy.

Everyone knows the Tony Romo story. He's the kid from the Mid-West with above average talent who was a good high school and college player, but a fourth string NFL practice player at best...so the world thought. Since Romo replaced Drew Bledsoe in October 2006, he really hasn't stopped to look back. But, he's had some hiccups along the way. Santa may have been good to Tony the last few Decembers, but Tony has not been good to fans, fumbling a few key plays or outright not making plays. His less-than-championship performances continue to stir a little controversy amongst Cowboys fans and in the football community.  And that is now what makes Romo interesting...who will be right? Will he become the savior Dallas has been waiting for since Aikman's glory days and  championships, or will he be the guy people talk about in a few years as, "that quarterback the Cowboys had who dated Jessica Simpson."

One thing Romo is little-known for is his heritage. The quarterback is a second-generation Mexican-American. His grandfather, Ramiro Romo, Sr. emigrated to San Antonio, Texas from Coahuila, Mexico as a young boy. Abuelo Romo has bee quoted as saying, "I've always said this is a country of opportunities. If you don't get a job or education, it's because you don't want to."

Well, grandpa, your nieto (grandson) has one heck of a job and an amazing opportunity to leave a lasting legacy. He's got a big-time salary and ridiculous pressure to go with that job. DFW hopes he fulfills your dream, and ours.

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