We're Tired of “Tonica”

Sure, we like Tony Romo as the dimpled-golden boy of America’s Team.  And Jessica Simpson obviously has enough fans to have sustained a music career, a reality show and a clothing line.

 So…how did they make this list?  It’s simple, really.  While they’re likeable individually, it’s “Tonica” that we can’t handle anymore. 

There were musings that Romo “could do better” than the bubbly blonde who doesn’t know her fish from poultry, but it wasn’t until Romo started flubbing up the Cowboys’ season that the backlash truly started against the couple.  Blaming Romo’s inability to handle pressure on their weekend getaways to Mexico, Simpson soon became a public enemy in Texas Stadium.

The “Tonica” pairing has hurt both of their careers and images in one way or another.  Romo seems too distracted to play like a $64-million-a-year-quarterback, while Simpson appears to be too intent on locking down a life with Tony to care about anything else but catching up to her already-married little sister. 

Enough already—we want our quarterback back. 

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