We're Tired of Tom Leppert

We're not saying Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert shouldn't be the face of the City of Dallas -- he is the mayor, after all -- but do we need to see him playing the salesman that's trying to get the citizens of Dallas to buy a hotel or toll-road?

Toward the end of the Convention Center Hotel fight, opponents started taking the tussle right to Leppert. In the back and forth TV ads, it almost seemed like Dallas was voting on "Leppert's Hotel" rather than one for the convention center. In part, that's Leppert's fault for pushing the issue so hard for so long -- but it's also indicative of a larger issue; Leppert's stamp is on lots of projects.

Even the toughest critics should concede many of Leppert's pet projects are for the good of Dallas, we're simply getting tired of having Leppert act as pitchman every time Dallas has to open their wallets.

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