We're Interested in T.D. Jakes

Being the head of a church with more than 28,000 members isn’t easy, but T.D. Jakes takes it in stride as his powerful sermons are well-known far beyond DFW.

Not only is Jakes the chief pastor of the Dallas non-denominational mega-church The Potter’s House, he's also a best-selling author of several books that encourage self-empowerment through biblical teachings. In addition to books, Jakes has sold many DVDs and CDs that teach life lessons and the importance of faith.

He was also a part of one of the biggest moments of history—the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Jakes preached at the private church service at St. John’s Episcopal Church on the morning of President Obama’s inauguration.

It's his manner of connecting the divine with the mortal that has impressed us while we've watched the public funerals often held in The Potter's House for fallen Dallas Police officers and Firefighters. Jakes' sermons aren't engulfed by biblical fire, they're transformations of the ideas into terms all humans can understand -- compare him with a "feel-good mega-preacher" like Joel Osteen, and you'll find more God in Jakes' messages, but also a lot more hope.

You'll be seeing a whole lot more of T.D. Jakes soon -- his popularity has earned him a talk show on CBS that is scheduled to begin in 2010.

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