We're Interested in Russ Martin

You can't silence Russ Martin.

As 105.3 flipped formats in December of 2008, Martin's popular radio show was flipped off. Listeners were pissed off, but Martin has continued on -- working with his RMS Automotive Team and charity foundation to give money to officers and firefighters that fall in the line of duty. In June, Martin's web site returned just in time for a car show and benefit concert -- but when will radio waves carry the shock jock again?

There are no firm answers, as Martin has around two years left in his seven figure contract. Unless the contract is modified, Martin might be content to sit at home collecting cash and building a studio in his house. In between Twittering about hot gym members and what he's doing in the restroom, some minor details may continue to rise up -- future plans with his RMS band, CBS radio giving him raises even though he's not on the air, and, of course, the foul-mouth toilet humor that made Martin's show a daily listen for DFW drivers.

Then there's still a pending misdemeanor charge for domestic abuse. Martin is mum on those proceedings, (as per legal advice) but it's a dark cloud that hangs over the jock's head. Clouds may turn to storms if Martin can't find a space on standard talk radio, too.

In two years (if recent ads are to be believed) performance rights fees could kill local radio stations. If they can't make up the money in ad dollars -- which seems like a harder thing to do each day -- jocks like Martin might be up a creek without a station.

If Martin is able to set up his own shop -- studio, distribution, and all -- and take to the Internet, he may beat radio at it's own game. Based on his previous track record, we'll bet he can do it.

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