We're Interested in Mike Orren

For years, it was pretty clear who the big media players were in DFW. Newspapers, Magazines, TV, and Radio had the upper hand in creating content and distributing it online -- then Mike Orren launched PegasusNews.

Customizable and fully featured to tailor to the reader, PegasusNews is a way for the average reader to learn the most they can about the stories that interest them. With that lofty goal, it's no wonder industry magazines have taken notice of the small but plucky site -- and Orren's contributions to the way news is gathered and presented.

Orren's goal for localized content, searchable and tagged by zip codes and city names, was cutting edge when first discussed, but the applications now available to utilize that data (iPhones with GPS locators, web browsers with geotargeting features, etc.) will soon be so ubiquitous that Orren's original push into that space will continue to inspire other sites into using the practice.

Hints have been dropped about a potentially massive redesign for the site, including new features for the loyal readers and contributors, which could showcase the next step Orren and co. take into a "hyper-local" space. We'll be watching with high interest as the site develops further -- who knows, "Web 3.0" might be just around the corner...

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