We're Tired of Melissa Rycroft

Argue all you want, but reality television really has blurred the line between “ordinary” and “stardom.”  Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, jilted “Bachelor” contestant, “Dancing With the Stars” runner-up and, now, “Good Morning America” special contributor are all titles that a once-ordinary girl from a Dallas suburb can now claim thanks to the wonders of reality TV.

After the public humiliation of getting engaged and then dumped within a two-hour time slot of television, Melissa Rycroft fueled tabloid fodder for quite a while after the ultra-controversial “Bachelor” finale.

However, rather than shying away from the public eye, she joined yet another reality show by replacing an injured Nancy O’Dell two days before the season 8 start of “Dancing With the Stars.”

Known for her strong dance technique and bare-all costumes on “Dancing,” Rycroft eventually ended up in third place.  Many viewers refused to vote for her for two reasons:  her dance training gave her an unfair advantage and the fact that many didn’t see her as a “star.”

ABC seemed to think otherwise as they gave her a third television gig by making her a special summer contributor for “Good Morning America.” 

Now, GMA is reporting that she is engaged.  Does anyone else see the disconnect in GMA reporting entertainment gossip about one of their own?

We’re sure she’s a sweet girl, but her 15-minutes of fame seem to have dragged on a little too long.

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