We're Tired Of Jerry Jones

Oh, Jerry Jones...where to even begin?

Jerry has been so involved with every aspect of the Cowboys organization; of all the professional sports - not just the NFL - he is considered to be one of the most involved, on a day-to-day basis with his team. Not a press conference or game goes by without seeing - or hearing - Jerry. 

Maybe this wouldn't be such an issue for fans if the Cowboys were winning championships, but it's been a while since we've been privelage to that. It's really simple; win. That's it.

This huge stadium (also known as JerryWorld) feels like overcompensation for something. Fans don't really care how big things are -- as long as you win championships. The huge, in-your-face, HDTV video board in the Cowboys Stadium is impressive. But seriously? It's as obnoxious as its owner. Thanks for the stadium, Jerry, but now let's focus on letting the guys do their jobs and win some games this season.

In fact, we've heard from fans that are annoyed and offended at the notion that they might be ignorant enough to be distracted with the new stadium.

It's time for the hands-on owner to finally take a back seat -- or just stop talking in public.

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