We're Interested in George W. Bush, Dallas Neighbor

For eight years, America has wanted to share a beer with him -- now we can. At a Rangers game, in an Uptown restaurant, at Elliot's Hardware, we can finally see the man that ran the country for nearly a decade.

It's the polarity that interests us the most -- for sure, he's a man forced to make some of the hardest decisions in the world -- but he's also a goofy, grinning, joke-filled guy that seems far warmer than most politicians.

Perhaps it's because he's just left, and many of us have pulled a Henry Higgins and grown accustom to his face -- but it seems like 43 is just on one of his many vacations before returning to the public spotlight.

With a book of memoirs to finish, we hear Dubya has spent more time reflecting than relaxing. When that hits store shelves, we have to wonder if it'll be the start of a landslide of revelations or simply platitudes on dealing with bad situations. Either way, Neighbor Bush, we're pre-ordering it.

Editor's Note: While we're very interested in our Dallas neighbor, George W. Bush, we're pretty tired of Former President Bush...read why at this link.

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