We're Tired of Former President, George W. Bush

For all the decisions made by Former President George W. Bush (Iraq, Stem Cells, Homeland Security, etc.) we think the worst is choking on a pretzel.

Dubya was the joking, jovial cowboy from a little ranch in Crawford taken to a world stage just as the bad guys had started to stop wearing black. In the first term, Bushisms were funny, oddly American missteps; in the second, they were exhausting. By the time he left office, it was apparent that both sides wanted to distance themselves from "the last eight years."

But the politics of George W. Bush aren't what makes us tired of him -- it's the coverage. From blaming his administration for forces they had little control of, to ignoring the mistakes of his terms, it's simply become a cliche to reference George W. Bush as the 43rd President of the United States.

The time has come to leave this man alone, whether you believe in his political leanings or not. When he invites us in again -- perhaps through his upcoming memoirs -- we'll all be there for the raucous dinner party.

Editor's Note: Interested in what kind of neighbor George W. Bush will be? So are we...read why here.

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