We're Interested in Craig Watkins

Not many people can say that they always “do the right thing,” but if there’s one person in DFW who can get close, it’s Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins.

Two years ago, Watkins reached a milestone in both Dallas and Texas history by becoming the first African-American elected DA in any Texas county.  By making sure his office doesn't pull a "convict at all costs" routine, Watkins has made Dallas a new hope for those wrongfully accused.

Perhaps his most notable work has been with the Innocence Project of Texas.  Since being elected, Watkins reviewed petitions for DNA analysis of convicted criminals claiming their innocence, and has since exonerated several high profile cases after new finding proved innocence. Watkins careful review and oversight of the process is a driving reason he's been recognized nationally for the efforts of his office.

Beyond seeking justice for the innocent, Watkins and the Dallas DA’s office are “being smart on crime” by focusing on the reasons that many individuals commit crimes, working on the goal of true "justice for all."

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