We're Interested in Blythe Beck

Blythe Beck's recipe for success has mixed the saucy side of TV's Gordon Ramsey with the sweetness of Southern dame Paula Deen. As the head chef for Central 214, she's already pulled in guests looking for her unique style of comfort food -- which she's planning to feature on her own reality show.

Working as a line chef under The Mansion's Dean Fearing adds to her pedigree, but not her necessarily her style. She talks to her food while cooking it, standing proudly in a pink chef uniform with an embroidered B -- just part of the "naughty" method she uses.

Admittedly, folks may find her fired-and-true methods in the kitchen to be heavier than the flavors normally gracing the fine dining palate, but the same arguments are made about other chefs that find success on a scale larger than in the critic's pages. Beck is primed to become a name like Emril -- elitists might balk at the dishes, but the personality will sell the 90 percent of us who don't need foi grois once a month.

On her quest for "Total World Culinary Domination," Beck won't even have to stop off at cooking show alums homes to ask for directions -- she's going to bring the "Naughty Kitchen" into America's homes without apologies.

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