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One profession's loss is another's gain.

Local designer Nausheen Daniel completed her pre-med studies, earned a master's degree in clinical research management and worked in the field for four years while pursuing her passion for fashion design.

As an aspiring reconstructive surgeon, Daniel thrived under the pressure, but she had to go with her gut and decided to pursue fashion design full time.

It takes guts to follow your gut, and when you pair that confidence with an intense work ethic, well, it’s sure to pay off.

And now, Daniel is an up-and-coming local designer who has people buzzing about her dresses made in classic silhouettes, modernized by pleating and detail.

Gaining inspiration from how colors in nature work cohesively together, Daniel has named her new collection “Guns and Roses”. It’s not an attempt to honor heavy metal, but rather a wearable collection she created for stylish ladies on the go.

“My target customer is a professional woman between her ‘20s and ‘40s who enjoys wearing outfits that transition seamlessly from work to a nice dinner,” explained the petite designer.

From Concept to Design:

It took Daniel a couple of months to conceptualize and then create her “Guns and Roses” collection. It's the kind of collection she hopes a celebrity such as Heidi Klum would appreciate.

Daniel said she wanted to play with the juxtaposition of hard and soft, using uses primary colors that pop against dark, charcoal grey materials.

Draping plays a large role in her organic approach to design. She rarely sketches.

“I go a lot from draping and just go with where it takes me,” said the self-taught designer who learned to sew by the age of 15.

She easily describes her design-style as detailed, structured, bold, simplistic and flowing.

What's Next?

Currently, she continues to build her website, show at various trade and trunk shows, and basically build her business -- one dress at a time.

“I plan on getting my clothes into more boutiques and one day opening up my own store,” said Daniel about what she plans to accomplish in the five years.

We have a gut feeling she will get there sooner.

Check out Nausheen Daniel's website here.

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