Denton's Oso Closo May Become a Chipotle Burrito

We're big fans of Denton's Oso Closo and Chipotle's delicious burritos (we may have actually consumed said burrito while listening to the band many moons ago) so it speaks to our hearts when the two become further intertwined.

How intertwined? If they win this contest, you might be able to order an Oso Closo burrito right off the menu. The band has presented their entry with a vigorous song and dance (see below) that we think was shot at the Loop 288 Chipotle in Denton.

Besides the prize of getting a name-sake menu item, the band could snag $10,000 or a years worth of burritos. But they need your help to do so. Click here for the voting page to give Oso Closo an edge through the semi-finals.

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