Denton Welcomes New Police Chief

Denton’s new police chief was sworn into office Thursday. Frank Dixon brings decades of law enforcement experience to the post. Police officers and officials from across Texas joined community members to welcome the new chief.

Dixon, who was born in Fort Worth, spent the morning making the rounds and meeting members of his new department. Dixon stood out from over 100 applicants for the post, left vacant with former chief Lee Howell’s departure this summer.

“The most important thing for a leader, but especially in a police department, is to support your cops,” said Dixon.

Dixon began a 23 year law enforcement career with the Austin Police department, working his way up the ranks to eventually be named assistant chief. In his new position, he says his door will always be open, to both cops, and the community.

“It's critically important that we as a police department, being the most visible form of government, that we show the community we're human beings,” he said. “We're brothers, fathers, sisters, mothers. We're not robots. We have genuine feelings and compassion and really care about the people we serve."

Dixon sees similarities between Austin and Denton. Both are college towns, big on music and culture. In the short term the new chief doesn't plan to come in and make any big changes. He says his administration will be one built on accountability and transparency.

“It's our responsibility as police leaders that we're not settling for mediocrity,” said the new chief. “That we're striving for excellence in everything we do."

Dixon’s first official day on the job is Monday.

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