Denton Doctor Says Complaint Over Gender Pay Discrimination Got Her Fired

A federal judge last week ordered Denton County to pay the doctor $115,000

A doctor who sued Denton County over pay discrimination -- and was awarded $115,000 -- says the fallout of her decision to come forward has her questioning whether it was the right choice.

Dr. Martha C. Storrie was paid thousands of dollars less than a male counterpart hired to do a similar job. But Denton County stands behind its decision to fire the former clinical physician.

"I didn't do anything wrong," said Storrie, who worked for Denton County Public Health for seven and a half years. "The only thing I did was try to fight back, because this was egregious."

Storrie worked at the health department, where she treated patients in clinics and at the Denton County Jail.

"It was a great job," she said. "And it was important to me."

In 2016, Storrie was fired. According to court testimony, her bosses cited job performance. She said she believes it happened because she complained after learning a male doctor hired for a similar job made nearly $35,000 dollars a year more than she did.

"So yeah, I was kind of hot about it," she said. "What would you have done?"

Storrie sued Denton County for pay discrimination through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Last week, a federal judge ordered the county to pay her $115,000 dollars, avoiding a trial that was set to start next week.

"I just wanted this to go away," she said. "And in truth, if I had to do this over again I wouldn't do it."

In a statement issued after the ruling, Denton County officials disputed Storrie's claims of discrimination. The county said it settled to save taxpayers the cost of a trial.

"As per the resolution, Denton County accepts no liability for any allegations made by the EEOC or Dr. Storrie," the statement read. "Denton County remains committed to providing a workplace free from discrimination. The county has and continues to prohibit gender discrimination in the payment of wages."

A judge also ordered the county health department to come up with a new written policy for doctor pay.

Storrie, who is now employed by UT Southwestern, wishes she could have her old job back -- but she knows that won't happen.

"I'm sure that these individuals will continue to say that they did nothing wrong, and that I was some kind of bum of a doctor," she said. "I would argue to the contrary."

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