Denton Deluxe Comps Released for Free Download

Remember those sketch-adorned denton Deluxe compilations on the counter at Strawberry Fields? Some of the bands featured on the discs have gone the way of the indie media shop -- they're, um, gone. In a whopping good turn for recent backyard nostalgia, the entire dD catalog is available for free download now at the site.

Vintage Matthew and The Arrogant Sea, Shiny Around the Edges, and Daniel Folmer graces the tracklists for a look back at some hometown kids who made good. We remind you of two favorites on the comps who haven't made a peep in a while:

Sarah Reddington

Half of this bookish alt-country band lives in Portland at present. Half of that half, Tex Winters, sketched the folksy picture featured on the first dD cover.

Tha Bracelets

The best ever cover of "The Sign" by Ace of Base can be credited to Tha Bracelets. Singer Beth Henry teamed up with Sarah Jaffe back in the day to form the rap group MotherChild, and the slammin' single "Momma Likey" can be heard -- once with Jaffe spittin' it live -- in this documentary short on Jaffe.

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