Denton County Schools Try to Prevent Spread of the Flu

As the numbers have continued to rise in Denton County local schools including Denton's two colleges have stepped up their efforts to prevent the spread.

At the University of North Texas classes are set to begin on Monday but the on campus clinic is already out of flu shots for students who are interested. For now they're recommending students go to the county health department to get a shot for free while they’re encouraged to take other steps on campus.

"The simple stuff; the things that your mom told you to do when you were a child," said Herschel Voorhees, UNT's Director of Clinical Services.

The University continues to offer hand sanitizer stations across campus and they're reminding students and staff to wash their hands and cover their coughs. They're also encouraging students who are sick to stay out of class until they're well.

At the Denton Independent School District leaders say that's a requirement if a student even shows signs of a fever.

"We send them home right away," said Nurse Peggy Miller at L.A. Nelson Elementary School.

Miller says so far her school has had very little problems with the flu; which she credits to their proactive approach against it.

"We have been very proactive in prevention. We don't want it to come around," she said.

Along with nightly scrub downs of each school nurses like Miller are visiting classes personally this year to educate students on things like hand washing and proper flu prevention techniques.

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