Denton County Honors Fallen Soldiers

Courthouse exhibit pays tribute to Texas troops killed in Iraq

A new memorial unveiled Tuesday at the Denton County Courthouse on the Square pays tribute to Texas troops killed in Iraq. 

Bryson Gappa made it her mission to honor all of the Texas troops killed in Iraq.

She created a memorial tree in her front yard, with ornaments honoring each soldier killed in action.

Now the memorial tree is part of an exhibit in the Denton County Courthouse.

"When I did it [created the memorial], I did it because I felt I had to. Never in a million years did I think we would come to this," Gappa said.

Denton County Commissioners unveiled the memorial on Tuesday with family and friends of our fallen heroes.

Louis Aguirre is proud to see his son, Army Specialist Nathaniel Aguirre, remembered.

"He fought for his country. He was willing to do it. He knew the sacrifices, and he went out and did it," Aguirre said.

Army specialist Ernest Dallas is part of the memorial and was also honored by his family on Tuesday.

"The city and the county think so much of my son to do this for not just him but for all of them. It's just a very warm feeling that you get," Dallas's mom, Charlene Sauseda, said.

Dallas's picture, medals, and uniform stand tall in the museum.

"It's a true sense of pride," Sauseda said.

Gappa said she recognizes every face and every name of Texas soldiers killed in Iraq. Now, the public can get to know them too.

The Denton County Courthouse on the Square is open Monday through Saturday and  the exhibit is free.

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