Defending the Mantyhose

Tight-wearing businessmen want to defend the Mantyhose trend

After our last article on the horror of fashion called Mantyhose, we were contacted by other tight-wearing businessmen who wanted to share their side of the story.

Though we issued a YMMV in the midst of lambasting the idea that Mantyhose needed to be a fashion icon, supporters of support hose claim our comments on the benefits of wearing tights didn't go far enough to explain why any guy would hide them below a pair of jeans.

Support hose is nothing new for people looking to help with leg pain, circulatory issues, or varicose veins. Now, press materials from companies like ActivSkin Legwear for Men claim men are wearing them more than ever -- and the old stigmas of "men in tights" are dropping as folks understand the health benefit.

That sounds like wishful thinking to us.

We understand the benefits for some guys (and gals) to wear the hose, but using them as a fashion accessory -- the topic of our first article -- is still a bad maneuver to us. Many of the products pitched by ActivSkin and others are simpler, more understated designs with utilitarian functions like a fly.

So what do you think? Is it possible to defend the Mantyhose?

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