DC9 At Night Meets Matthew Gray in SPACE

New video feature to show MATAS frontman's side project

Last week, we were subtly pressing for the return of DC9 At Night's podcast -- a music criticism-centric chat that was unique amid a recent batch of artist-focused features -- i.e., the Dallas Observer writers talked, and not the musicians they cover.

There's always need for authoritative presence in Dallas music media. We need music critics who love to hear themselves talk in the key of Chuck Klosterman to come out from behind the curtain and make thinking about music in context cool again. So when the DO folks -- the music writers who still have desks and paychecks and what Chuck K. reveres as "an interest in journalism" -- casually opined on milestones like the NX35 festival, we listened and hoped others would do the same.

By chance (well, no, that's not really true), we ran into Pete Freedman and asked what the deal was with the podcast's hiatus. He pointed us to DC9 in SPACE, a weekly video blog that's all about the band: an interview and song are filmed live at Hal Sample's SPACE Studios. The tapings are open to the public on Wednesday evenings, but comers won't know who they're going to see -- Freedman and company will keep secret who they're featuring.

Word on Freedman's Twitter is Matthew Gray of Matthew and the Arrogant Sea brought his new project to SPACE's cozy digs last night, which means we can look forward to Gray's zany storytelling and get a preview of his solo stuff before the show at Lola's with Bosque Brown and Robert Gomez on May 30. Spots on San Francisco's Tartufi, Doug Burr and True Widow were posted the Wednesday or Thursday following their filming.

And, uh, we never see him onscreen, but we think that's Pete Freedman we hear asking Tartufi the questions.

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