Days Before Deadline, Here's What You Need to Know to Register to Vote

The deadline for registering to vote in November’s midterm election is Tuesday, and county election offices are gearing up for their busiest time in two years.

“We’re ready,” said Tarrant County Elections Administrator Heider Garcia.

Election workers are busy preparing, processing registration applications and mailing out absentee ballots.

The form to register to vote is available at most libraries or by calling the election office, Garcia said.

Voters also can find help registering online but there’s a catch, he said.

“You can't register online,” Garcia said. “According to Texas law, you have to have a signature on the application. There are a number of online services out there that will help you capture the information and produce a prefilled form, but you still have to sign it and get it to us physically."

That's already been an issue in Dallas County and some other counties with the website vote.org. More than 2,000 people thought they could simply register online without mailing in their paperwork.

"And the other thing is, it's not just registering -- it's updating your registration,” Garcia said. “If you've gotten married and change your name, if you move, those life events effect your registration and we need to update it."

Early voting begins Oct. 22.

Election Day is Nov. 6.

To find out if you are registered to vote, click here.

At the polls, Texas accepts seven different kinds of identification, including a driver’s license. Those without any ID can fill out an affidavit on Election Day.

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