DFW's Got Talent

North Texans give their all to NBC TV show

One of NBC's biggest reality shows, America’s Got Talent searched for the most talented performers in North Texas last weekend.

The host of the show, Nick Cannon, said our area really had it going on!

"I’ve witnessed a lot of singing, a lot of guitars, a lot of cheering, some miming, which was interesting, so yeah, there's a lot of stuff going on," said Cannon.

Wait, back to that mime. His name is Joshua Wilson, and he said the uniqueness of his act should give him a leg up.

"That's why I love what I do, because it's different," Williams said.

For the past 7 years, Wilson said the act of not talking has been his passion. Thousands of people like Wilson filled the Dallas Convention Center, hoping to impress the judges in 90 seconds or less. One guy who stood out from the crowd was Scooter Rocket. He came all the way from the New England to perform.

"On the streets of Boston, I take my music out to the people," said Rocket.

Avery Winter, 8, enjoyed doing the same thing. Everywhere she went, she drew a crowd. Her voice coach, Cami Caldwell was floored.

”It's really cool, she seems to be sparking some kind of energy here, so we're really excited. This is really the only thing she asked for for her birthday," said Caldwell.

Winter has been singing for 4 years and she said she loves performing for a crowd. When I asked why she thought she should make it on the show, Winter stayed modest.

"'Cause I like to sing for all of them and it's fun," Winter said. "I don't know, cause I think I do good?"

By the sounds of the cheers echoing through the convention center Saturday, I’d say a lot of people agreed.

This is the first round of judging, the show will be back in the spring after they narrow down the talent pool.

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