Dallas Is Second Least-Expensive Destination

When you're looking for a place to go to get the most bang for your buck in these tough economic times, it's Vegas baby! But Dallas isn't too far behind.

TripAdvisor launched a new TripIndex that compares the cost of staying and playing in 50 key tourist cities around the world and 15 U.S. cities.

The TripIndex looks at one night's stay in a four-star hotel, the cost of a pizza, a dry martini and a five-mile cab ride back to your hotel after a few too many martinis.

Las Vegas came in first on the list for domestic destinations with a grand total of $164.

Dallas ranked second with New Orleans pennies behind. Atlanta and Minneapolis rounded out the top five.New York City was the most expensive at just under $367.

Top Domestic Destinations

1. Las Vegas$121.30$16.30$11.99$14.00$163.59
2. Dallas$173.37$11.25$10.99$14.00$209.61
3. New Orleans$177.23$13.50$11.99$7.00$209.72
4. Atlanta$177.34$13.75$9.99$14.00$215.08
5. Minneapolis$189.69$14.25$12.99$10.00$226.93
6. Orlando$200.89$12.65$10.99$13.50$238.03
7. Denver$213.14$12.50$11.99$11.00$248.63
8. Los Angeles$228.54$16.05$12.99$18.00$275.58
9. Seattle$242.28$15.00$10.99$14.00$282.27
10. Honolulu$238.78$18.70$14.00$12.00$283.48
11. San Francisco$254.69$13.90$13.99$12.50$295.08
12. Chicago$257.82$11.25$11.99$16.50$297.56
13. Washington, DC$291.12$10.25$10.99$15.00$327.36
14. Boston$301.32$16.20$11.99$13.00$342.51
15. New York City$324.38$12.50$11.99$18.00$366.87

If you're planning a trip abroad, Bangkok is the best value with a total at $112, while Paris was the most expensive, $429.

Best Value International Cities

1. Bangkok$85.71$2.49$13.81$9.98$111.99
2. Beijing$97.99$4.02$6.03$12.07$120.12
3. Sharm El Sheikh$103.96$3.36$5.80$15.12$128.24
4. Kuala Lumpur$105.77$3.33$10.99$13.91$134.01
5. Sofia$114.35$3.88$8.71$8.71$135.66
6. Budapest$117.24$11.71$6.54$7.90$143.40
7. Aukland$102.36$22.91$8.35$13.50$147.13
8. Marrakech$120.13$2.52$12.47$12.59$147.71
9. Warsaw$116.81$10.57$10.53$10.57$148.48
10. Dubai$128.44$5.17$10.35$10.35$154.31

Most Expensive International Cities

1. Paris$362.28$9.94$21.16$35.50$428.88
2. Zurich$307.50$41.68$19.41$11.03$379.62
3. London$299.65$32.24$19.33$22.57$373.79
4. Tokyo$272.28$37.70$35.43$26.57$371.98
5. New York City$324.38$12.50$11.99$18.00$366.87
6. Rio de Janeiro$310.43$6.70$15.26$13.99$346.37
7. Moscow$302.58$8.90$12.11$21.37$344.96
8. Kiev$309.25$4.38$9.76$8.14$331.53
9. Amsterdam$234.36$29.82$30.18$18.46$312.82
10. Stockholm$253.45$13.43$26.24$18.52$311.64

Prices of flights to international destinations were not figured in since prices can vary depending on departure city.

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