Dallas' 2nd Eco-Design Option is Artistic, European

Dallas with a touch of the Shire

The second finalist for the Dallas competition for a green living building, Atelier Data & MOOV of Portugal, drew their inspiration from a rolling hillside.

The European influenced project, "Forward Dallas," literally interprets hills, in contrast with Dallas’ relatively flat terrain and preponderance of concrete.

Trees and plants would fill the roof's valleys, transitioning into more resistant plants as the hills ascend. At the peaks solar thermal, photovoltaic and wind energy would be collected. Hobbit living could be had at its finest with rooftop orchards and prairies.

Other features would include: Open green spaces, wooded paths, rooftop prairies and orchards, 100 perfecnt prefabricated construction system, housing for 854 residents, a water catchment system, public green house, a swimming pool, water permeable paved areas, a spiritual space, gymnasium, café and exhibition space.

Though the pallid green color scheme makes the renderings look like haunted, post-apocalyptic stacked hovels, at least one blogger who has seen them up close compared them to "a modified Hanging Gardens of Babylon." Who wouldn’t want to live in that?

The design is the most outright unusual of the three finalists, and would suit Dallas best if the city wants to go ahead and make a giant leap into the future rather than tip toe.  

Holly LaFon has written and worked for various local publications including D Magazine and Examiner.

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