Dallas Police Officers Make Special Delivery

Mother gives birth in hospital parking lot.

Two Dallas police officers on a stakeout outside Parkland Hospital last Saturday morning got quite a surprise.

"I was telling my partner it was kind of boring," said Angelo Dragija, with the Dallas police."That's when a gentleman came up and asked us to help his wife."

His wife was 7 months pregnant and in labor in the parking lot.

"The baby was half out of her, she was giving birth," said Dragija.

"I'd never seen anything like this," said Christopher Ruiz, with the Dallas police. "So I called for help over the radio."

The two officers got the help of two other Dallas police officers who happened to be nearby.

"Let's just say that we had one guy with a flashlight, one coaching, me translating and my partner was trying to deliver the baby," said Ruiz.

With the baby out, Dragija took the beanie off his head to keep her warm. 

"She fit right into the hat, she was that little," said Dragija.

Jennifer Gracia, weighing only 3 pounds 3 ounces, is in neonatal intensive car at Parkland Hospital but expected to survive.

The family sent the officers a postcard hailing them heroes to which Dragija responded, "we were just doing our job, our duty."

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