Dallas is for Newlyweds?

New report says Dallas third for newlyweds

Getty Images/Stockbyte

A new report says Dallas is one of the top cities for newlyweds.

Rent.com, who is owned by Ebay, apparently, generated a list of what they're calling the Top 10 Cities for Newlyweds -- and Dallas is third on the list.

The online rental housing listing site looked at cost of living, mean annual income, the unemployment rate, and rental inventory to figure out the list.

Dallas slotted in at third, behind Austin and Raleigh/Durham, NC. Houston also made the list.

The folks at Rent.com described Dallas as "a sports town," which is funny because two of the major sports teams don't even play within the city limits. Hooray for Geography!

At least our area isn't introduced in the press release like Denver is -- "Did you know that Denver brews more beer than any other city in the country?" Yes. Yes we did.

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