Dallas County DA's Investigation Into Jordan Edwards' Death Continues

The Dallas County District Attorney's Office has received a flood of phone calls regarding the investigation into the death of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards and the officer accused of shooting him, Roy Oliver.

The office had about 4,000 calls Wednesday and at least 400 more before noon Thursday.

"They want to know the status of it, and we can only tell them that we are investigating it," Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson said.

Johnson said her team has worked nonstop.

"We are giving it our 100-percent attention," she said. "This particular case has warranted some extra attention to the extent that I have placed my first assistant as the lead on it."

Leading the investigation is the Civil Rights Unit, which is made to specifically deal with officer-involved shootings and deaths in police custody.

"As soon as the incident has occurred, we are probably the second call that the police department makes," explained Jason Hermus, chief of the Public Integrity Division.

The investigative team consists of nine people, including two investigators with 30- and 25-year careers as homicide detectives.

"We re-contact all of the witnesses. We find additional witnesses. We receive all the original evidence. We seek out additional evidence," Hermus said.

Johnson said she has met with Jordan Edwards' mother.

"They trust us. They like the idea that we have all the boots on the ground [and that] we are doing all that we can," she said.

Dozens of friends, community members and leaders from all faiths gathered at a recreation center in Balch Springs Thursday evening.

The candlelight vigil was held near the site of Edwards' shooting to pray for Jordan, his heartbroken family and for justice. 

Meanwhile, Oliver's personnel records obtained by The Associated Press reveal a conduct complaint by the Dallas County District Attorney's Office in 2013 that resulted in a 16-hour suspension. 

Both of Oliver's parents have been advised not to speak publicly by attorneys, but came to his defense Thursday.

Oliver's father said his son served two tours in Iraq, joining the U.S. Army in 2004.

Oliver's mother, Linda, said her son was "a man of strong character."

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