Crossroads Diner Has All The Classics You Crave

Sticky buns, meatloaf, tuna melts...

A new North Texas restaurant is serving up comfort food with gourmet flair. Think mom's meatloaf with a dash of Dallas decadence.

"The food at Corssroads Diner is more fancy than your average mom's meatloaf, but you still get that comfort that goes along with it," said Lindsey Watson.

Chef Tom Flemming (Lombardi Mare, Pappas Bros, Old Hickory Steak House at The Gaylord and Central 214) is making classic diner food from scratch in the Crossroads kitchen.

He said he wants people to experience what chefs like to eat at home.

"The burgers, sandwiches, tuna fish sandwich and egg salad are all recipes that my mom made," said Flemming.

His roasted beet and bleu cheese salad with toasted walnuts is a colorful and tasty fall salad. The fritattas use mozzarella from Paula Lambert's factory in Deep Ellum and his chips are made in-house.

It's a difference diners can taste.

"The sweet potato chips that come with your sandwich, it's not potato chips out of the bag, you can tell that they're making them from scratch in the back," said Watson.

Crossroads Diner is family friendly and breakfast is served all day. That means you can order one of their oh-so-sticky buns morning, noon and night!

Crossroads Diner
8121 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 1100
Dallas, Texas 75231

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