Improperly Filled Propane Tank Possible Cause of Hurst Home Explosion: Fire Officials

An explosion at a Hurst home Monday night could be due to a propane tank being filled improperly, fire officials said.

The explosion happened around 8:15 p.m. Monday in the 600 block of Circleview Drive South.

The Hurst Fire Department says there is some structural damage to the house. Crews from ATMOS energy responded to the scene to investigate.

Crews were unable to find any natural gas leaks outside or inside of the home. Gas appliances were also checked and no problems were found.

Fire crews said when they first arrived on scene, the resident was putting out a fire from a propane tank that was rolled out to the street. Investigators later found the resident had been improperly filling a small propane tank from a larger tank. Fire officials said the propane tank had homemade connections using a rubber hose and hose clamps.

No one inside the home was injured in the blast and neighboring homes were not evacuated.

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