Creative Concoctions at Beth Marie's

More than 100 homemade flavors of ice cream

If you are what you eat, than your personality once eating at Beth Marie’s in Denton will be pretty creative.

“We go anywhere from a 'Bees Knees' which is a lavender and honey to a 'Texas Heat' which is chocolate chip with candied jalapeños in it,” said General Manager Margaret Rich.

Beth Marie’s makes all its own ice cream. The ice cream parlor offers more than 100 flavors.

“I have 103 flavors at this moment. Today, I introduced my newest flavor 'Purple Cow' and it’s going to be a grape sherbet,” said Rich

Rich and the staff try to create a new flavor roughly every two months.

And would you believe as popular as the more creative concoctions are, including “Old South Fudge” (chocolate ice cream with Oreos and a fudge swirl), the simplest of flavors is still the favorite.

“It’s amazing to know that I have 103 flavors, but vanilla is the number one seller,” said Rich.

During the summer Beth Marie’s makes 1000 gallons of ice cream a week -- and that’s just for its two Denton ice cream shops. It doesn’t include the ice cream sold at local grocery stores including all eight Central Market locations.

Nostalgic floors and antique accents have decorated the two Denton shops for 15 years, but another popular part of the store is in the back -- in the shop's vault.

“The kids just get excited. I do tours here at Beth Marie’s for little kids and adults too but little kids just get so excited when I open this door. They not only like to see all the boxes of ice cream, but they like to see the cold air they want to see their breath blow. But, yes, it is a very exciting part of Beth Marie’s,” said Rich.

The pricing is also unique; customers are charged by the ounce, not by the scoop. Customers told us it’s worth it.

“It’s because it is a fresh cream. Most ice cream at Beth Marie’s will not be more than 2-3 weeks old, at least a week and a half to two weeks old, but once it hits a 30 day mark I’m donating it to a local fire department or a local daycare or some place around town that can serve it quite quickly cause I prefer to have something that is less than 30 days of to make sure that we are serving a premium ice cream because we do have a premium price,” said Rich.

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