Crash-Course Guide to In-N-Out

In-N-Out 's highly anticipated invasion is almost upon us. Corporate tells The Feast the first locale—either at 2800 Preston Rd., Frisco or 190 E. Stacy Rd., Allen—is slated to open sometime in mid-May. The temporary distribution center—located on the 3900 block of Adler Drive—will be up and running in a few weeks, too. Once the permanent facility is complete, they'll be able to reach several other markets.

Expect additional locations in Fort Worth (7th and Currie streets), Dallas (LBJ Freeway and Coit Road, Central Expressway and Southwestern Boulevard), Las Colinas (MacArthur Boulevard and Royal Lane) and Garland (Firewheel Town Center).

Now, without further ado, the seven things you probably didn't know about the California-based cult favorite.

1. The first In-N-Out—which opened the afternoon of October 22, 1948 in Baldwin Park, Calif.—sold only 57 burgers its first night in business.

2. When you order in the drive-thru lane you will be asked, “Will you be eating in your car?” If your answer is yes, your food will come in an open box, ready to eat with “lap paper” for mess control, and straw in drink. If your answer is no, you'll get a bag.

3. Order the off-menu “Protein Style” if you want your burgers sans bun, wrapped in lettuce.

4. In November 1992, the first out-of-state restaurant (and 8th restaurant in the chain) opened on Sahara Drive in Las Vegas.

5. Nothing is frozen at In-N-Out—they don't even have freezers.

6. Employees are dubbed “associates” and start out making $10 per hour.

7. The 100th In-N-Out opened in Gilroy, Calif. in 1994. The 200th restaurant opened in Temecula, Calif. in 2005.

BONUS! For In-N-Out's entire history told by superchef Thomas Keller, click play below.

—Video by Carly Fisher/The Feast Chicago

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