Can We Get a Biscuit With That?

Bring your appetite and an open mind when you eat at Cowtown Diner because its menu is a “Bonanza” of southern variety.

Biscuits with country sausage gravy -- check.

Fried catfish -- check.

Chicken fried steak smothered in gravy -- double check with an explanation point.

Owner Scott Jones wanted to re-create a diner as homage to his native Fort Worth and his warm memories eating at the local greasy spoon as a kid.

“I like to play with all things food, so when you call something a diner there really aren’t any boundaries … and that’s really what Cowtown Diner is,” said Jones of the restaurant he considers the sister eatery to Screen Door in One Arts Plaza.

From its decor to the well-crafted and thoughtful menu, Cowtown Diner is a welcome addition to Sundance Square.

“We walk a fine line. We’re casual but it’s some place you can come on your way to the theater or it’s some place you can come for breakfast in your sweats,” said Jones.

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