Cowboys Passed on Santonio Holmes For…..

Bobby Carpenter.  Right school, Ohio State, wrong player in linebacker Bobby Carpenter.

Bill Parcells wanted and drafted Carpenter with the 18th overall pick.  The Steelers took Holmes with the 25th pick in the first round of the 2006 NFL Draft.

Holmes was named the MVP of the Super Bowl as he caught the game winning touchdown in the final seconds to help Pittsburgh win 27-23 over Arizona.

Bobby Carpenter will be lucky to win a job this summer at Cowboys training camp.  He was inactive for the final regular season game for Dallas.  A healthy scratch I might add.  I think you would call him a Bust.  Yeah.  Bust.

So the next time people wanna praise Bill Parcells about his draft picks, remember Bobby Carpenter.  And know Parcells didn't want Demarcus Ware.  He wanted Shawne Merriman and Marcus Spears before Ware and had to be overruled by the Cowboys.

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