Cowboys Stadium the Next White House?

Dallas Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones sounds like a proud father when he talks about the brand new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.

But he isn't quick to take all the credit for making it happen.

During the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce's Leaders in Business luncheon Monday, Jones was quick to praise his wife and family for all of their input in making his dream stadium become a reality.

"Probably the most impressive thing, (about  the stadium) in my mind, are the entrances," said Jones. "Gene has spent hours in marble yards, stone yards, looking, picking out, moving around stone pieces that go in those areas and has been involved in every detail of it. I know that we appreciate it."

He also credits the legacy of the Dallas Cowboys with helping the stadium become a reality.

"It's a good thing building the stadium, it was the Dallas Cowboys," said Jones.

The stadium cost $1.2 billion to build and is the new home of the world-famous football team.

Now, while George Strait was the headliner for the official opening of the stadium, the real show comes in September. That's when the Cowboys will host the New York Giants for the regular season home opener, Sept. 20.

(You can watch the game on NBC5.)

Jones also has a grand vision for the stadium, comparing it to the White House.

"This stadium is, next to the White House, is going to be the most visible building in this country," said Jones.

Next up for the stadium, the Jonas Brothers take the stage to an almost sold out crowd on June 20. 

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