Cowboys Stadium by the Numbers

Super Bowl XLV fans may be seeing Cowboys Stadium for the first time.

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In this aerial photograph taken on Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2009, the Dallas Cowboys new football stadium Cowboys Stadium is shown in Arlington, Texas.
Cowboys Stadium was completed on May 27, 2009; estimated construction cost on the new stadium was $1.15 billion.
The Cowboys Stadium site covers 73 total acres; the overall site encompasses 140 total acres.
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The stadium itself is 3 million square feet, the entire Statue of Liberty and its base could fit inside the stadium with the roof closed.
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The length from one end zone retractable wall to the opposite end zone retractable wall is 900 feet.
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The arches spanning the length of the stadium dome are 292 feet above the playing field, weigh 3,255 tons, helping make it the largest column-free room. The American Airlines Center in Dallas could fit entirely inside the stadium at field level.
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The arches span a quarter-mile in length (inside and outside the stadium), a distance longer than the height of the Empire State Building. The arches are more than twice the length of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.
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The end zone doors are 180 feet wide by 120 feet high, and are the largest operable glass doors in the world.
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It takes 18 minutes to open or close the five 38-foot panels of the end zone doors.
The stadium's roof is one of the largest domed sports structures in the world measuring 660,800 square feet.
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The retractable roof opening is 410 feet long and 256 feet wide totaling 105,000 square feet.
Each panel weighs 1.68 million pounds; they travel 215 feet and can open or close in 12 minutes. (The roof will be closed for Super Bowl XLV)
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The stadium seats 80,000 making it the 4th largest stadium in the NFL by seating capacity.
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The Cowboys set a regular season NFL record for attendance with 105,121 souls crammed into JerryWorld including standing-room-only party passes for the plazas at either end of the stadium.
The NFL announced that tickets sold for the east plaza outside the stadium would be counted toward the Super Bowl XLV attendance total, which could help Cowboys Stadium surpass the current record for Super Bowl attendance – 103,667 – held by the 1980 Super Bowl at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.
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Cowboys Stadium is home to the World's Largest High-Definition Video Display, which hangs from 20-yard line to 20-yard line.
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The exact dimensions on the center-hung Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision™ 1080p HDTV screen are 72 feet high by 160 feet wide.
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It would take 4,920 52-inch flat panel TVs to equal the size of the HDTV over the center of the field.
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The video board weighs 1.2 million pounds; the overall weight of the video board structure is more than 3.5 percent of the total roof weight.
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The two ribbon displays that go around the stadium are 4-feet high and each measure nearly 2,000 linear feet and more than 2,900 square feet.
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There are more than 3,000 Sony LCD displays throughout the concourses, concession areas and suites.
Cowboys Stadium is home to at least 19 art installations throughout the stadium concourses and stairways. This one is called "Moving stars takes time" and is in the main concourse of the southwest entry.
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There are approximately 12,000 parking spaces distributed among 15 numbered lots at Cowboys Stadium. In addition, there are nearly 12,000 parking spaces in lettered lots around the Texas Rangers Ballpark that may be used on an event day.
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