Cowboy Bartenders Dress in Drag for Charity

Round-Up Saloon hosts 18th annual drag show for charity

Glenn Price

This Sunday at 8 p.m., Round-Up Saloon will host the 18th annual “Does Your Mother Know?” drag show and fundraiser. The show, performed by bar employees, raises money for R.E.B.A., or Round-Up Employee Benevolent Association.

R.E.B.A. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organized for the purpose of providing financial assistance to employees who are undergoing financial hardship due to illness or accidental emergencies.

“This is our biggest charity event of the year for R.E.B.A.,” said Glenn Price, president of the R.E.B.A. Board of Directors, “The performers aren’t really drag queens. These are macho cowboy-type guys that shave their beard and trade their boots for panty hose one night out of the year for a great cause and a legendary good time.”

The area surrounding the dance floor does fill up quickly, but on a clear day a dollar bill can be thrown to a performer from as far back as the tequila shack in the main bar area.

The Round-Up Saloon, located at 3912 Cedar Springs, opened on July 11, 1980. The bar has been host to surprise performances by Lady Gaga on several occasions and offers free dance lessons three nights a week.

Round-Up features six unique bar areas and serves cocktails and cowboy hospitality seven days a week. 

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