Couponing Humor: Need A Laugh?

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Have you ever tried to explain the art of couponing to someone who has absolutely no interest in couponing as a lifestyle? Or maybe you've gotten home from scoring a GREAT deal and tried sharing with your spouse just how great that deal was? Or maybe you've tried to explain to the Walgreens cashier that - yes - the coupon is valid even if the package is green and not pink, as shown on the coupon?

Then this post is for you!

Calling All Coupon Fanatics! I want YOU to share the funniest (or most outrageous) couponing quote/situation you have had the pleasure (or horror) of experiencing during your couponing journey. It's so easy to get frustrated or discouraged that I think it's important to share our experiences with others who know exactly what we're going through!

To get us started, here's a few of my personal quotes:

Cashier: "Ma'am, this coupon is only valid on strawberry yogurt. See? The yogurt in the picture is pink which means it's strawberry. Key lime is not in the picture, it's green." [ Note to self: Print coupons in black/white next time.]

Manager: "Target doesn't accept printable coupons unless they are from the World Wide Web. All other internet coupons are considered fraudulent." [Wow. This seriously limits my ability to print coupons if they have to be from the WORLD WIDE WEB]

Cashier: The register knows its you buying this [item], so its not going to allow you to use another coupon. You have reached your limit for the day." [Thank you, Laura! This one was priceless.]

I Heart CVS: "Today i had a young teen boy cashier look over the meter q [Bayer Glucose Meter coupon] really closely and then look at me and say "Do you have diabetes? You have to have diabetes to buy this." i offered him a urine sample and he went ahead and rang up the coupon. who knew it would be so easy?" - mom22boys

Faith (my 4-year old niece): "Mommy, we have to get Amy some coupons or she won't be able to buy anything!"

I know you have some hilarious couponing humor to add, so please share!

Don't get bitter, just chuckle. There's another deal to be had just around the corner!


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