Coupon Clipper Pushes Grocery Golden Rule

Laura Hanlon is a die-hard coupon clipper who is happy to share her unwritten code of coupon etiquette -- especially since she sees so many bargain hunters violate it.  "They give couponing a bad name!" Hanlon says.

Here is Hanlon's Golden Rule of the Grocery Store:

  • Don't hog the deals.  Leave some for other shoppers.
  • Swap coupons with other shoppers.  It's a nice thing to do, and you'll save even more money.
  • Place coupons for items you don't need on the shelf so other shoppers might use them.  Share the wealth.
  • Don't take all the coupons from in-store "blinkie" dispensers.  The machines don't have an endless supply.
  • Allow shoppers with only a few items to go ahead of you in line.  Coupons take time.
  • Have your coupons organized.  Make sure you have the correct coupon for the correct item.
  • Know store policies.  For instance, some stores won't accept coupons printed off the internet.
  • Be courteous to cashiers who must process coupons.  Coupons require cashiers to do double the amount of scanning.
  • Shop at off-peak hours.  Don't clog the checkout lines during the busiest times of the day.
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