Costume World Started With Just Five Santa Suits

It all started with a single mom who had five Santa suits and a love for costume design.

Marilynn Wick, owner of Costume World, says she now has the country's largest collection of original Broadway costumes and a bunch of random pieces.

"I said to my two daughters, I said we'll have a little store. So we had a little store, and it was maybe 300 square feet," Wick said.

Wick's "little store" has blossomed into a costuming empire, with stores in Florida, Pennsylvania, and another Texas location in Austin.

Just one week before Halloween, many North Texans are searching for the perfect Halloween costume. Customers can feel almost overwhelmed by the wide selection at Costume World, with pieces from almost every decade and period in history -- plus the accessories to complete each look.

 "It's the busiest time of the year, of course. And it's exciting this year because we're coming out of this bad economy, and people seem to be happy. They're bringing their families in. Everybody wants to be bigger and better and look glamorous," Wick says.

People are inspired by some of Wick's original designs; even when it's not Halloween, her collection keeps local theater groups and schools coming back again and again.

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