Common and McLovin Remake “Training Day”

The rapper from Chicago joins forces with the organ donor from Hawaii

Because this makes sense.

Illinois-born rapper Common (aka Lonnie Lynn) and McLovin from "Superbad" (who you probably don't know as Christopher Mintz-Plasse), have teamed up in an online-only remake of the 2001 hit "Training Day" (NSFW -- language).

And McLovin is Alonzo.

The five-minute vid's short on verite and long on spoof but, like the movie, shows McLovin/Alonzo forcing Common/Jake to smoke PCP. As with the original film, Alonzo then drops Jake off with a trio of card-playing eses. Jake, despite stumbling through a drug-induced fugue, escapes, confronts Alonzo, and shoots him in the ass.

All in, this remake's a fun waste of five minutes.
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