Norma's Serves Up Classic Comfort Food

One person’s comfort food is another person’s dietary curse.

Still, there are some times a calorie-laden trip down memory lane is all a person needs to feel better. Taste is one of the senses that can easily trigger memories. Whether it’s fried chicken, biscuits with gravy, burgers or cherry pie, Norma’s Café covers most comfort food on its menu.

Norma's is a classic diner, serving large portions of home-style grub at affordable prices since 1956. Owner Ed Murph tells us his company wanted to add a North Dallas address for some time before it settled on the corner spot next to the now defunct Carson’s Live. People who live north of Interstate 635 haven't had to drive south to the Cliff since this new spot for classic cooking opened a year ago.

Noted for pancakes the size of a toddler’s head stacked high with blueberries, bananas, nuts, pecans, chocolate sprinkles or walnuts Norma’s chicken fried steak, burgers and fantastic pies are also a hit.

“The pies are known as mile-high pies simply because of the size of the pies and the size of the meringue that goes on top -- it’s just awesome,” said Murph.

Murph said they make their own breads, corn breads, and biscuits -- plus all the pies and desserts are made from scratch. Sounds comforting to us.

Norma’s Café
17721 Dallas Parkway

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