Colt McCoy Honors Cousin Killed in Crash

UT quarterback honors Marine killed in car accident.

Shortly before Texas plays rival Texas A&M on Thanksgiving night, Colt McCoy will reach into his locker for a silver crucifix on a chain and put it around his neck.

He'll pause to look at a photograph of a Marine in dress uniform and remind himself of who and what he's playing for this season.

McCoy is playing for that Marine -- his late cousin, Sergeant Grant Hinds. They spent several summers in West Texas together when they were kids, hunting, fishing and romping around years before Hinds learned how to drive a tank and fight in a war.

Hinds wore the crucifix during three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan before he died in April. Injuries from a car accident cut short the life of a young man desperately trying to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder, nightmares and depression. He was 25.

McCoy's mother, Debra McCoy, says her son and Hinds were like brothers growing up. Hinds was older by a couple of years and looked after Colt.

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