Cocktail-Inspired Spa Treatments For Summer

V Spa in Dallas serves sweet, hydrating facial

Annie Potasznik

The dry heat from the dog days of summer can really do a number on a person's face. Throw in late nights on the patio sipping sangria and a recipe for dehydrated, lackluster skin is what many  have ordered.

V Spa's Strawberry Daquiri Facial, combining a strawberry leaf exfoliate, berry mask and strawberry hand treatment is what those in need of some hydration should request.

Strawberries contain alpha hydroxl acid, salicylic acid and vitamin C, which helps shed dead skin.

For just under a hundred bucks, clients can emerge from V Spa with fresh, hydrated skin after their facial.

Find It:
V Spa in The Hilton Anatole
2201 Stemmons FWY

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