Clothes and Go: The Next Big Thing?


The finalists for the Dallas Market Center's "The Next Big Thing" contest have been announced, and two women from Dallas have a chance to win it all.

"The Next Big Thing" is Dallas Market Center's search for the best new products, and two mothers fromhope their product is picked to become the next must-have product to be showcased for buyers at major retailers across the country.

Myra Prescott and Julie Tobolowsky, both of Dallas, are the brains behind "clothes and GO" touted on the website as "a unique solution for moving clothing on hangers."

Clothing is placed in the bag on the hangars, tied down, wrapped up and carried over the shoulder.

"We just took a pencil and paper one night and just sort of came up with this idea," said Tobolowsky.

The women said the idea was born of necessity.

"It evolved from many moves and it was lots of trials and tribulations and thinking there's got to be something better than big moving boxes," said Tobolowsky.

"Plus we took kids to college and had clothes all over and you know once you got there you would have to hang them back up," said Prescott.

The women were first friends, then sister-in-laws, then business partners. Their "world headquarters" is a spare room in Prescott's home where the two women market and sell their product.

The women even produced a short commercial that they hope will get the word out about "clothes and GO."

Winning "The Next Big Thing," would guarantee that their product is showcased for buyers at major retailers across the country, and give them a prize package totaling more than $15,000 toward launching their product.

Voting for "The Next Big Thing" is being conducted through Facebook and ends on June 25.

"Clothes and GO" is up against two other products in the finals and the winner will be announced on June 26th.

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NBC DFW's Ashanti Blaize contributed to this report.

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