Classic Burgers at Kincaid's

Restaurant used to be a grocery store

In a city famous for fancy food, Kincaid's Hamburgers sticks to one standard when preparing food --making sure simple is always well done.

Customer Taylor Huntsman will only eat hamburgers from Kincaid’s.

"They have the best hamburgers in Fort Worth," Huntsman says.

You won't find fancy food names on a fancy board. There’s no need. Here you get regular fare with flair.

Bradley McCarty stops by often, and told us the simple reason why: "The burgers are delicious. They are thick and juicy and it's a good meal."

Kincaid's has been serving customers since 1946 when it first opened as a food market. Owner Ron Gentry’s father worked there.

Gentry says Kincaid's was "the first grocery store in Fort Worth to handle fresh boiled shrimp."
Ron Gentry's father ran the meat market here and is responsible for the tasty transition that began in the 1960's.

"My dad had a three-foot griddle in the back and started doing burgers," he says.

Gentry explains how his father started to see a floundering future for local grocers. "As it got to the early 1970s my dad realized that the day of the independent grocery store was coming to an end because they couldn't compete with the big chains that were beginning to come in at that time."

Having had its fill of groceries, Kincaid's officially became a full time restaurant in 1991.
Even though you can’t buy groceries here anymore, customer Reese Davis feels you still get a bargain. "You get your money's worth, I would say."

Visit the original location of Kincaid's at 4901 Camp Bowie Blvd. in Fort Worth, or one of the other locations in Fort Worth (Hulen, Alliance), Southlake, Arlington, or Weatherford.

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