Cinco de Maybe

Will swine flu, weather concerns stifle more festivities?

With swine flu concerns running at an Olympic sprinter's pace, Cleburne has not only shut down schools and after-school activities, they've canceled their Cinco de Mayo and SpringFest celebrations for this weekend.

According to the City of Cleburne, they want to err on the side of caution -- which makes us wonder how many others will follow suit.

Cinco de Mayo, as you're probably aware, is primarily a celebration of Mexican hertitage that could bring together thousands of revelers with connections to our neighbor to the south. Since many of the cases of confirmed swine flu relate directly to Mexico, it's not a far stretch to worry about celebrations becoming sites for infections.

It's a scary scenario, but one organizers need to be clear to address -- are large festivals going to be offering additional protection against swine flu?

The other issue facing outdoor events is, as always, the weather. NBCDFW Meteorologist Samantha Davies said the rain is likely to make events for Saturday and Sunday wet.

Between flu and rain concerns, it seems that many weekend festivities may be on the cancellation block.

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