Christmas Shipping Frenzy This Week


If you want your Christmas gifts to be shipped to their destination on time you better get in line at your local shipping office.

FedEx warns, if you wait any longer than this week to get your packages delivered, they may not make it to their destination before Christmas.

Monday, December 13, is expected to be the biggest shipping day of the year. For shipping giant Federal Express it may end up being the busiest in company history.

More than 223 million packages are expected to be sent out between Thanksgiving and Christmas, 16 million of them on the 13th.

While the bulk of the shipments are from online retailers, personal shippers, like Claudia Stephenson contribute their fair share as well. "I'm shipping a package to our friends that live in Germany," said Stephenson.

Because she sent her package more than a week in advance, Stephenson's should be there in plenty of time for her Godchildren.

"We are going to get it there in time, I'm doing FedEx express so that it should get there later in the week," Stephenson said.

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