Chris Canty Is A New York Giant…Cowboys Mistake

Getty Images

I hate this move.  Chris Canty wanted a monster deal, the Cowboys didn't give it to him.  The Giants did.

The rival New York Giants paid the former Dallas Cowboys 42 million over six years with 17.5 million in guaranteed money.

Jerry Jones will regret this. The Redskins, Packers, and Giants all wanted Canty.  Now he gets to chase Tony Romo two times a year.

One local columnist told me Sunday "Canty's a good player.  You don't pay him though".   I disagree.

Canty is a good player who you know will be there ready to play every week.  No drama.  No fuss.  Canty did his job.  He is a glue guy, the kind you win championships with.

The Cowboys didn't think so, but a team that won the Super Bowl two years ago does.  That should tell Jerry Jones something now.

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